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living out their dreams - and good for them, but -------- mmmmmmmmm...  I probably would have skipped this and looked for a good jam.

how typical was this?

(no offense intended - just curious about what the future direction of Clifftop might be)


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Not typical. There are 4 contests, fiddle, banjo, traditional band and non-traditional. In the neo-trad category you get ALL KINDS of music played on traditional instruments. That's a neo-trad band. The only time you here that sort of thing is when they're practicing for the contest, usually the day of the contest (Friday). I had a very special time at Clifftop and am still collecting my thoughts, so expect a blog post from me soon.

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Clifftop is still over 90% traditional Old Time music. I was there for 7days this year ( my fifth year ) and while I overwhelmingly played OT music, I got into a Swedish music jam with an Anglo concertina player, played some old school bluegrass, sang Sacred Harp, learned some Cajun tunes, and had a fantastic afternoon swing jam in the rain. The depth of talent there is incredible and keeps getting better every year. Not to be missed!

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Don't worry . . . their was More than enough traditional music to go around. We just got back from Clifftop and personally, I heard very little of the neotraditional music. Had a wonderful time. Played from dawn til dusk 3 days solid and never heard anything but Oldtime. I'm sure the neocons were around, but must've been very discreet about it. This was our 4th year attending Clifftop and each year gets better & better. I think the beauty of Clifftop lies in the fact that the music hasn't been lost to the stage yet . . . the focus is on the various camp Jams and the fellowship that lies within. You can go to the stage area and their might be 50-100 people in the audience while their will be a thousand camp jams still going on throughout the mountainside. Had a great time and especially nice to get meet and pick with many of the fellow Hangout members here on the Fiddle Hangout. 

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