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 A very cool movie coming out

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04/20/2017 10:22:42 View royce's MP3 Archive View royce's Classified Ads View royce's Photo Albums Reply with Quote

Dale Farmer, who is a member here and longtime oldtime player is involved with a new movie that will be really cool.


I've provided an early Kentucky fiddle to be played and used in the Movie.  I'm looking forward to it. 


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04/20/2017 15:25:08 View Ron's Photo Albums Reply with Quote

Sometimes you can just tell when something is gonna be great.

Thank you, Royce.

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04/21/2017 03:40:18View loy's MP3 Archive View loy's Classified Ads Reply with Quote

love this kind of film, cant wait to see it. Thanks Royce

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04/21/2017 09:23:04View EricBluegrassFiddle's MP3 Archive View EricBluegrassFiddle's Classified Ads View EricBluegrassFiddle's Photo Albums View EricBluegrassFiddle's Blog Reply with Quote

looks interesting - my ancestry is Kentuckian

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04/22/2017 09:32:59 Reply with Quote

That looks like it will be good. And not a spaceship or superhero in sight. Hopefully it will get a good release spread.

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04/22/2017 10:58:39 Reply with Quote

Hopefully it will be available, pretty rapidly, on DVD or through Netflix/Hulu for those of us who live in areas that don't have theaters [ or one's that play anything other than "mainstream"].

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Chops Chomper

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04/23/2017 19:51:32View Chops Chomper's MP3 Archive View Chops Chomper's Classified Ads View Chops Chomper's Photo Albums Reply with Quote

Man I think this would be great. Just to know how it was done in the day..and where old time I guess originated. There's lot's of us that play so called hot licks and there is so many of of us that don't... we had better stay to what they have learned and that good enough for them . Once upon a time I played on National Geographic's Civil War project and can't help but think of how those folks would have played the tunes..a lot different than I do for sure. But the flame lives on. Jerry

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Lee M

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04/24/2017 13:19:47View Lee M's MP3 Archive View Lee M's Photo Albums View Lee M's Blog Reply with Quote

Royce, thanks for posting this. Keep us informed about this so we don't miss the Premiere of this film.  Can't wait!!!!!

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04/26/2017 17:53:39 Reply with Quote

I watched the preview, and I am sorry but I am not going to be kind about it, just because it is about Appalachian music. The lighting glares across the scenes in a dreadful washed out 2017 immediacy. The acting and dialog is stilted, and as is usual with directors who have no affinity with cinema period pieces, they overlook details like clean white-wall tires on a 1930s pickup truck on a muddy or dusty farm. It is often the quality of the dirt in a period piece that is the measure of its authenticity and its mood.

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