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Playing Since: 2011

Experience Level: Just Startin'

[Jamming] [Socializing]

Occupation: Retail Sales-Auto Parts

Gender: Male

My Instruments:
Fiddle, guitar, piano, bass, mandolin

Favorite Bands/Musicians:
SteelDrivers, Rich in Tradition, One Way Out, Hot Rize

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Created 1/17/2012
Last Visit 5/23/2012


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Did I say I was a newbie with a fiddle?

Thursday, February 02, 2012 @6:40:33 PM

It seems the more I do the less I seem to know. Good lord I'm pondering putting most of the important parts on a fiddle and tonight I let a set of cheap nickel wound strings just about kick my butt!  Maybe if I keep moanin' & groanin' a seasoned fiddler will take me under their wing!

A few nights ago as I sat down to have some quality time with my old Stradt copy, I started tuning... slowly & gently, starting from the middle... TWANG !!!  - Broke a dang string.  Then I noticed it wasn't so much the string but the fine tuner cut the loop for the ball.  (I figure you folks that have been around the dance floor more than once has probably got my delimma figured out. I hope so, I don't.)  So anyway, I went to put the fiddle back on the stand and dang if another didn't let fly.

Well, if anybody feels the need to hear all the details let me know & I'll post on the forum.  On with the story.  Creeping up on payday I went to the local music store & bought a cheap set of nickel wound strings.  Just trying to get by.  Has anybody bothered to tell string manufacturers that fiddles is all the same size.  These strings are fourteen miles long!!!  I see now it'll take me a while to figure out how long to cut them before I start to wind them on the pegs cause this pegbox prevents a feller from windin' her up and cuttin; them clean when I'm done.  Guess they figured fiddlers must be smarter than guitar pickers if they can figure that bow thing out!

An hour and twenty minutes!  Yes, you pros heard me right!  Almost and hour & a half to put four little strings on.  God forbid I had to put one on in the middle of a performance! 

Best I can figure, the sharp edges on a new set of Wittner fine tuners chewed on the string loop ends until they started cutting loose.  As I put on the cheap strings I went back to my ugly, mismatched fine tuners until I figure this out completely.  When I got done I was just too wore out to play it.  Just proud it had a full set of strings on it.

Just Fiddlin' around,


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