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New Blog Entries

Fiddlin' Around
Posted by cornfed in Commentary/Stories 1 day ago

The Last Lost Session
Posted by boxbow in Commentary/Stories 4 days ago

Got me a new fiddle
Posted by EricBluegrassFiddle in News 7 days ago

Fiddler's despair Natalie and Donnell
Posted by lucy trafford in Other 14 days ago

Bethel Missouri Fiddle Camp for Youth and Adults in June
Posted by charlie.walden in News 15 days ago

The Route - Another Fun Show!
Posted by Shawn Craver in News 16 days ago

Last 24 hours of Erynn's Greasy Creek CD Campaign - Shooting for Vinyl!
Posted by erynnmarshall in News 17 days ago

New Album - Tunes from the Thumb: Michigan Fiddler Ed Kranz
Posted by charlie.walden in News 17 days ago

Learning materials on
Posted by EdPearlman in Lessons 19 days ago

Erynn's New Greasy Creek CD and Campaign
Posted by erynnmarshall in News 19 days ago

The thing that most helped my fiddling ever!
Posted by Gareth Bjaaland in Other 25 days ago

Spring Update - 2016
Posted by fiddledan in News 25 days ago

Leyla McCalla vocals and strings Anyone hear of her?
Posted by nfritzjr in Commentary/Stories 28 days ago

Draggin' the Bow - Show-Me Style Fiddlin' with Charlie Walden (fiddle) and John Stewart (guitar)
Posted by charlie.walden in News 32 days ago

Lots of good Pete McMahan playing here...
Posted by charlie.walden in Other 33 days ago

Posted by tonyelder in Commentary/Stories 34 days ago

Learn Taylor McBaine's Red Fox Waltz
Posted by charlie.walden in Lessons 36 days ago

Excerpts from my fiddle workshop on April 9, 2016 at the KDHX St. Louis Folk School
Posted by charlie.walden in Lessons 39 days ago

1989 Mid-America Old Time Fiddling Convention at Bethel, MO.
Posted by charlie.walden in Other 40 days ago

Not been posting much lately
Posted by EricBluegrassFiddle in News 45 days ago

Fiddlepogo is doing... not so good physically.... but otherwise very good,,,, mostly.
Posted by fiddlepogo in Commentary/Stories 52 days ago

Fiddle Walking
Posted by Cyndy in Commentary/Stories 55 days ago

Is Thomann a reliable online violin musc store?
Posted by AsphaltAssault in Other 56 days ago

Looking for 3 volunteer moderators to join the team
Posted by schlange in News 61 days ago

Texas Shorty, Nate Lee, Gretchen May, Tony Trischka, Alan O'Bryan at Acoustic Music Camp August 2016
Posted by geraldjones in Lessons 63 days ago

And Now the Bodhran....
Posted by Humbled by this instrument in Commentary/Stories 69 days ago

QUICK... My wife is returning...
Posted by Lee M in Commentary/Stories 72 days ago

Oh, It's that Guy Again
Posted by Grassapelli in News 79 days ago

Learn to Play Vee Latty's Fever in the South
Posted by charlie.walden in Lessons 82 days ago

Another jam last night
Posted by Lee M in Commentary/Stories 83 days ago

Janie's Jumpstart Old Time Music Weekend Camp 4/1-3, 2016 in Oxford PA
Posted by Janerothfield in Lessons 93 days ago

Pogo's Progress II
Posted by fiddlepogo in Commentary/Stories 106 days ago

Kevin Cardiff has a new address
Posted by vlndr in News 106 days ago

Looking for folks to get together with and play music for fun.
Posted by jfones in Other 108 days ago

Pogo's Progress- How fiddlepogo is actually doin'
Posted by fiddlepogo in Commentary/Stories 110 days ago

Slow me down.
Posted by tonyelder in Other 110 days ago

Old Fiddle Repair Estimates
Posted by Chet Bishop in Other 110 days ago

Learn to Play Boys Around the World
Posted by charlie.walden in Lessons 111 days ago

Fiddling in the news
Posted by Mark Ralston in News 114 days ago

Southern Violin Association Meeting for 2016 will be April 23-24
Posted by David Chandler in News 116 days ago

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