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Playing Since: 1961

Experience Level: Purty Good

[Teaching] [Jamming] [Socializing] [Helping]

Occupation: writer,composer,fiddler.clawhammer!

Gender: Female

Age: 62

My Instruments:
Now I have 3! a gen-u-wine chinee and An Anton Breton, which was someone's HS student violin - really comfortable! and a pawnshop surprise that @ 80$ turned out to be a highend cremona listed @ 965.00 - plays like butter!! Woo! - So now I have trapped 2 people into playing with me!(used to have 2 or three around) - I'll get there again - and two no name banjos I love, 1 deering goodtime (open back) a beater mandolin, and tons of flutes and whistles. I have gone nuts on clawhammer addiction, and picked up another fiddle at a pawn shop - no lable, but SWEET! Curly maple - think it might be a Scott Cao - - bought it cause I knew it was playable, but MAN! this thing sings and resonates major sweet!!! No lable - beaitifulworkmanship, boxwood fittings.

Favorite Bands/Musicians:
Doc Watson,Incredible String Band,Robin Williamson and his Merry Band,Steeleye Span,Fairport Convention, Highwoods, Walt Koken,Chieftains, heck! anything Irish and Scottish or Old Timey - AND Old English /french German/ medi/renn dances and ballads!) just too many!

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Created 7/6/2007
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In The Hall at Wintertide+MP3+tab(notes)

Sunday, December 7, 2008 @5:12:20 AM

Last year I posted the lyrics/poem to this as a Yule wish - but had no music to go with it - This year, I have the mp3 (choral) We had to leave out the Yulelog verse, as it was (tv) time related 

That is now under my music-simple melody in tab section(motes)

Any sound effects you here (horses blowing, stamping  was done by the choir - I did the horse neighing - ) Yes, I even wrote it in the music! LOL! It was great fun!

It starts in Em - and also plays well on the fiddle, melodywise -

Happy Holidays, all!

In The Hall at Wintertide


In the forest bleak and cold
where the branches stark are bowed:
with the weight of drifting snow
and where the wind keens all around
Hear the horses stamp and blow
as we trace the path astride
knowing soon all will be warm and merry
in the hall at Wintertide!

In the hall at wintertide,
when the holidays are nigh
we will cut the greatest oak
we will hang the mistletoe
we will choose the reddest holly
which we twine with glossy Ivy
we will bind them up with ribbons
and of them a garland make:

we will gather bay and pine
gather cinnamon and thyme
we will scent the yuletide candles
we will spice our ale fine!

We will set the cooks a'baking making
holiday delights,
we'll have cakes and torts and pasties
they will bake all through the night!
we will catch our finest game
we will make the mincemeat pie
we will set the pudding steeping
with the dry plum hid inside:

We will shine the Wassail Bowl,
and then fill it very full:
Then the great doors shall be opened
and all bid to enter here!


And all travelers seeking rest,
shall be feasted on the best!
we shall raise our goblets high,
we will laugh and sing and jest!
we'll have pipers, we'll have drummers,
we'll have rebecs and the lute
we'll have acrobats and jugglers,
and a mime and jester too!

We shall tread the measure fyne,
in great circles and in lines
and our cheeks shall glow with roses
as the snow comes down outside!

The great yule log on the hearth
doth send forth it's merry sparks
and that flame of ancient lore
burns as brightly in our hearts!
It shall burn for these twelve days,
then the ashes shall be kept
to be scattered on the fields
of our lands and our tenants:

Thus the bounty is ensured
when it comes the next harvest:
for the ashes of the oak
are the brightest and the best!
And for you who share this season
be you close or far from home,
Here's a toast to health and reason
To long life and to strong bones!
May your Family have good cheer-
May your friends be strong and true-
May your hearts be free from care-
and may good fortune come to you!

So together we join hands
Sing this Wassail through the lands -
and for those who hear our song -
May our wish be yours Life-Long!

c@1988/2001/03/08 Jenny Tavernier (Reily)/all rights reserved
Choral ssaattbb for KCET-LA (channel 28-PBS)performed at DorothyChandlerPavilion/rec@ThetaSoundStudios


1 comment on “In The Hall at Wintertide+MP3+tab(notes)”

Fidla Says:
Monday, December 8, 2008 @6:28:58 AM

awesome! thanks for sharing that

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