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Playing Since: 1974

Experience Level: Purty Good

Gender: Male

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Hi everyone, I have been playing the fiddle off and on for 37 years. I bought my first fiddle for $35 at a pawn shop with money I earned shoveling snow when I was 13. I have played in a small band , but mostly just play for the fun of it.

Favorite Bands/Musicians:

I live in Don Messer country, and Don and the Islanders are my favorite fiddle music band of all time, although I like many different styles of fiddle playing. I play mostly maritime old time fiddle, not celtic, but more in the stle of Don Messer, Ned Landry, Earl Mitton.

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Created 1/5/2012
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The neglect of anything to do with fiddle music by the mainstream media

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 @8:58:22 AM

In this day and age when we have access to hundreds of tv channels, radio stations, how often do your hear fiddle music, I don't mean a fiddle playing back-up in some Nashville band, but real fiddle music where the fiddle is the lead instrument in the band.


         In my part of the word (New Brunswick, Canada) the sound of a fiddle on radio or Tv is a rare occurance , you would have more of a chance of hearing ethnic music from a far off forigen country than any kind of fiddle music.


        It wasn't always this way , at one time their were shows based on fiddle music or the fiddle was a prominent instrument in the show. The fiddle is still popular though in non-media areas , often heard at fairs, farmers markets, fiddle jamming groups,  and I'm amazed at how many young people are taking up the fiddle, and how well some of them play, and the internet with sites like the Fiddle Hangout as well as many others.


     I guess the lack of fiddle music on Tv and radio is all based on demographics, they broadcast to young , hip, trendy, urbanites, because thats where the big money is...and the fiddle is left out in the cold.



6 comments on “The neglect of anything to do with fiddle music by the mainstream media”

boxbow Says:
Tuesday, January 10, 2012 @11:36:14 AM

The media can't make a dime off home-made music. They can't even cover the news of the day. Who needs 'em?
richdissmore Says:
Tuesday, January 10, 2012 @1:14:49 PM

thats a big 10-----4 your rigth
robinja Says:
Tuesday, January 10, 2012 @2:50:22 PM

I was just thinking about this. I have a new car and get satellite radio free for a few months. There is a radio station devoted to Elvis, one devoted to the Grateful Dead, one to Sinatra. There is a reggae station. Yes, there is some fiddle on the bluegrass station. But with all of this variety, you'd think that some kind of fiddle-centric station could be supported - maybe have a few hours of cajun, a few hours of Irish, a few hours of old time, some Cape Breton, Scandinavian, Metis, gypsy jazz. Seems like it could work...
cardinalwookie Says:
Tuesday, January 10, 2012 @5:27:16 PM

It's the Simon Cowell types of the world that market everything on the whims of 14 year old girls combined with a fostered need to conform that's to blame. Let the masses have their trite souless dirges. I know the many types of music I love and know I'm not alone. Convince someone of a profit to be made and it will happen.
Now if only someone knew a rich fiddle fan who owns a radio station and some fiddle merchandisers that want to advertise.
mudbug Says:
Wednesday, January 11, 2012 @2:13:14 AM

Young, hip, trendy urbanites. I don't see me falling into any one of those descriptions anytime soon.
Tommys dad Says:
Wednesday, January 11, 2012 @7:37:42 PM

The music recording industry is pretty much in shambles nobody can sell anything because it is stolen almost as soon as it is produced. which for all of us music do it yourself'ers is fine. We are on the cutting edge of a return to music played by folks rather than what the recording industry tells us what we must listen to. The more people learn to play for themselves the eaiser it will be to connect with others to have informal front porch/parlor sessions. Bring it on!

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