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tryed a little experimment with rosin

Thursday, March 01, 2012 @1:19:36 PM

tryed experiment with rosin to much rosin on the bow will make things sound very bad on the strings on your violin or fiddle. the next thing i tryed not putting enoufh rosin on my bow  not rosining the bow at all for a month sound got weak i could not control the bow at all just trying things that i was told were bad to do and sure enoufh what i was told is the truth so now be for i fiddle i play alittle if it sounds weak i add rosin if not i go a head and play if i feel its to much i take off some rosin so thats my findings not to much rosin or to little you just have to feel what rigth for your self

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notlwonk Says:
Thursday, March 01, 2012 @4:33:58 PM

I've found that it's about once a week for rosining sessions.
Faire Fiddler Maid Says:
Friday, March 02, 2012 @6:11:48 AM

I don't rosin every day, I'll put some on when i feel the hair slipping off the strings. It really depends on how much I'm playing in terms of how often. I guess every couple of days I'll put some more on.
nancymae Says:
Friday, March 02, 2012 @9:58:01 AM

I play about 10 hours a week..and I rosin once a week. I do the same though as Faire Fiddler Maid...when I feel the hair slipping...which is about once a week.
stew692 Says:
Friday, March 02, 2012 @5:45:41 PM

I used to use a lot of rosin, then when I was having trouble with the sound, I took it to the bowmaker. She took a cloth and wiped the hair several times. Then she gave it to me and said not to use too much rosin. I hardly use any these days.
amanofconstantsorrow Says:
Sunday, March 04, 2012 @11:46:15 AM

It also greatly depends on the pressure you put on your bow when applying rosin, lots of weight on the bow will obviously punt on more rosin. I find the five light strokes on the brick, once every other time I play gives good sound and will prevent slipping. As long as you keep the strings tuned and clean.
lawrence lamear Says:
Tuesday, March 06, 2012 @11:08:57 PM

Hello all, my first post on FH...
Rich, I feel your pain...been struggling with the too much, not enough problem since I started playing six years ago. I recently learned a few things that have helped considerably. On average, I play several hours a day, usually every day.
1) I find cleaning my strings several times a day helps with much of the "sqwawking," (for lack of a better term). Use a rag and wipe 'em down hard. Seems like a lot of rosin on the strings will either dry out or absorb too much moisture, and cake on the strings into a solid clump. Makes for bad sound.
2) Generally, better to put very little rosin on the bow, then add as needed, rather than add too much and
have to wipe off the excess with a cloth.
3) A really cool "trick" I learned at a local violin shop was to use an old (but clean and dry) toothbrush to periodically "brush" down the hair on my bow. It seems to remove the old or excess rosin, and I often don't have to add new rosin for a while. Typically, I do this maybe once a week...don't be afraid to go at it with the brush...adjust the tension less/more and really get the bristles in the bow hair. Wipe the bow hair lightly with a cloth when finished and you are good to go.

This trick by itself has solved almost all my rosin problems...I went into the shop, wanting to replace the hair on two of my bows, because I couldn't get any traction regardless of how much rosin I put on the bows. They showed me that trick with the toothbrush, rosin problem is pretty much solved, plus they saved me approx. $120 on replacing hair on my two bows. Unfortunately, when I get sqwawks anymore, I know it's my lousy technique...i don't have anymore excuses, ha!
richdissmore Says:
Wednesday, March 07, 2012 @8:33:41 AM

as i said this was a experimment to see for my self what would happen now i only use rosin when i need it thank you all for sound advice

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