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New Blog Entries

Patt & Possum at the Praire Hill Contra Dance February 1, 2014
Posted by charlie.walden in Commentary/Stories 1 day ago

St. Louis Folk School Square Dance 24-Jan-2014
Posted by charlie.walden in News 2 days ago

Black Snake Bit me on the Toe
Posted by robo1dude in Other 3 days ago

Learn to play Lyman Enloe's Sleepy-Eyed Joe
Posted by charlie.walden in Lessons 3 days ago

John P. Williams Monroe County Influences Available As Download - Great Missouri Fiddling!
Posted by charlie.walden in News 4 days ago

Rare 45 RPM long play records of the great Buddy Durham
Posted by charlie.walden in Other 4 days ago

Learn to Play Walking in My Sleep.
Posted by charlie.walden in Lessons 12 days ago

Jam Session
Posted by Retired Fiddler in Commentary/Stories 14 days ago

Posted by jfones in News 19 days ago

Playlsit of Vesta Johnson at the Bethel MO Fiddle Camp from 1988 to 2016.
Posted by charlie.walden in News 20 days ago

Accompaniment Workshop - San Deigo December 2016
Posted by charlie.walden in Lessons 26 days ago

John White Fiddling at Bethel, MO (2016)
Posted by charlie.walden in Commentary/Stories 28 days ago

Looking Back on 2016
Posted by Viper in Commentary/Stories 46 days ago

Learn Scottish Fiddle Online with Emerald Rae
Posted by emeraldfiddle in Lessons 47 days ago

aspiring fiddler
Posted by banjoquebec in Commentary/Stories 47 days ago

Galax Bogtrotters record new CD
Posted by erynnmarshall in News 49 days ago

Just got an old German trade fiddle, a Stainer copy for Christmas
Posted by EricBluegrassFiddle in News 52 days ago

Need a fiddle player
Posted by aoswald in Other 59 days ago

Beginning Fiddle Class starts January 2017 - sign up now!
Posted by KitF in Lessons 66 days ago

What I'm doing here
Posted by fiddlematt1972 in Commentary/Stories 68 days ago

Still Working on the Little Things
Posted by Cyndy in Other 70 days ago

Been busy with life and other stuff
Posted by EricBluegrassFiddle in News 70 days ago

Posted by kingtradco in Commentary/Stories 74 days ago

Happy Holidays......Still Making Handcrafted Accessories for.....
Posted by LightheartedinCali in News 80 days ago

Appalachian fiddlers
Posted by JICASE430 in Other 82 days ago

Violin Case Recommendations?
Posted by workabybaby in Commentary/Stories 96 days ago

nothing new
Posted by tonyelder in Other 105 days ago

Fiddle Talk
Posted by tougholdbuzzard in Commentary/Stories 107 days ago

Here's how it went down this past August at the 2016 Lexington, MO, fiddle contest.
Posted by charlie.walden in News 108 days ago

Fiddle Talk
Posted by tougholdbuzzard in Commentary/Stories 127 days ago

Montgomery County Old Threshers Fiddle Contest - August 19, 2016
Posted by charlie.walden in News 131 days ago

Video of the 2015 Illinois State Fiddle Championship
Posted by charlie.walden in News 133 days ago

2016 Missouri State Fair Fiddle Contest Video Playlist
Posted by charlie.walden in News 135 days ago

Get the Dots to a whole bunch of my tunes here...
Posted by charlie.walden in News 153 days ago

Oct. 8 - Norman Blake - James Bryan - Nancy Blake @ 50th TVOTFC
Posted by musekatcher in Interviews 154 days ago

2016 Alabama Old-time Weekend (all star cast!) Oct 13-16
Posted by musekatcher in Other 154 days ago

The Vermont Session with Mike "Wichita" Miller on guitar and Patt Plunkett on piano
Posted by charlie.walden in News 161 days ago

West Nile Virus...It's A Very Serious Disease!
Posted by fiddleplayer2 in Other 165 days ago

Time to Travel West 2016
Posted by fiddledan in News 172 days ago

Coming to the UK in the fall
Posted by Jethro Aberdeen in Other 178 days ago

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