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Posted by EdPearlman in News 1 hour ago

progress & pain; a week (or so) in

Posted by bd in Commentary/Stories 21 hours ago

Signing out for good

Posted by mswlogo in Other 1 day ago

Midwestern Fiddle Workshop at Elderly Instruments in Lansing this Saturday.

Posted by charlie.walden in Lessons 3 days ago

My new Gliga Genial-1 Fiddle will be here next month!

Posted by erikforgod in News 4 days ago

Finally advancing

Posted by Fiddle Chick in Commentary/Stories 4 days ago

How to tell if the town you live in is jest NOT MAKING IT...

Posted by leemysliwiec in Other 6 days ago

Fiddle & Mandolin Workshop at Elderly Instruments - Lansing, MI. Sept. 20

Posted by charlie.walden in Lessons 7 days ago

What is an Archetier?

Posted by Chet Bishop in Commentary/Stories 8 days ago

Central VA fiddle players are scarce...

Posted by KWhitley in Commentary/Stories 10 days ago


Posted by charliet3 in Commentary/Stories 10 days ago

Stinkeye Goes To Nashville,TN For The Full Moon Pickin' Partry

Posted by fiddleplayer2 in Commentary/Stories 10 days ago

Beginning the process of legal immigration to the U.S. for my Argentine wife

Posted by erikforgod in News 10 days ago

North Shore Fiddle Sessions - Saturday, September 6, 2014 3:00 to 4:45 PM

Posted by charlie.walden in Lessons 15 days ago

Songs from our Acoustic Jam

Posted by cryo in Other 16 days ago

lets jam

Posted by gary biscuit in News 17 days ago

Looking for a Female Roommate for Fiddle Hell on Saturday, Nov 8th

Posted by Jan Royce in Other 19 days ago

Anti-Fracking Tunes Fleadh in Sligo 2014

Posted by pernicketylad in Other 21 days ago

Don't mind me if I seem a bit quiet, I've just been in my Fiddle Woodshed working on new material!!!

Posted by erikforgod in News 24 days ago

New playlist of Missouri fiddle tunes on SoundCloud.

Posted by charlie.walden in News 29 days ago

More fiddles added to the

Posted by wilford in Other 33 days ago

what is this violin?

Posted by stevokingsix in Other 34 days ago


Posted by Loup in Commentary/Stories 36 days ago

Fiddle and Banjo ONE DAY Camp in York PA with Jane Rothfield (Fiddle) and Hilarie Burhans (Banjo)

Posted by Janerothfield in Other 36 days ago

Trying my hand at some double stops and licks and phrases in the bluegrass style

Posted by erikforgod in News 38 days ago

2 Visits to the Dentist, and 2 Visits by Two Sisters.

Posted by fiddlepogo in Commentary/Stories 39 days ago


Posted by Loup in Other 40 days ago

A little Fiddle poetry for my friends.... ( Not mine though )

Posted by erikforgod in News 41 days ago

2014 Minnesota State Championship

Posted by TimK in Commentary/Stories 43 days ago

looking for a new fiddle bridge

Posted by GreglMoore in Other 44 days ago

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