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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Luthiers in Oregon.

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Rosincloud - Posted - 12/06/2011:  11:44:41

Can anyone recommend a good shop/luthier in Oregon? I live in Coos Bay, which is on the southern central part of the coast. Thank you!

Dorcasmolorcas - Posted - 12/06/2011:  15:16:48

Yay!  An Oregon post!  Before I recommend anyone, I have two questions for you: 1.) What services do you need from the luthier/shop? 2.) How far are you willing to travel?

Mandobart - Posted - 12/06/2011:  16:37:11

Sonny Morris in Irrigon, Or (a far piece from Coos Bay) builds fine fiddles and mandolins.

fishingcat - Posted - 12/06/2011:  16:47:59

I can recommend Doug Heydon in Springfield (contact information on website  Closer than Irrigon (!) but still quite a drive from Coos Bay.  On the other hand, Doug's work is good enough to be worth the drive, and his prices are very fair IME.

~ Gwen

amwildman - Posted - 12/06/2011:  21:12:40

I've had a good experience with Randy, who works out of his house in Portland. And his prices are very reasonable.

fiddlepogo - Posted - 12/06/2011:  22:31:22

Some years ago, I found this page and found a really good violin maker in Redding with it.

Actually I ought to mention the Redding maker- John Harrison- that's not THAT far from southern Oregon:


For Oregon, it shows:

Jonathan Franke  in Monroe, Oregon: 

Leroy Douglas in Eugene:

Anna Sandys in Portland:

Ken Altman, bowmaker in Portland

However, be advised that these are probably world class makers, and probably priced accordingly.  I don't know how much repair they do- check websites.

In Phoenix, Oregon, there is John Hill,

and Steve Bacon at Bellwood Violins in Ashland:

Diane G - Posted - 12/07/2011:  20:34:43

David Kerr in Portland...I would recommend him. World class shop and luthier on site. Diane in SoCal

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