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layne - Posted - 01/28/2011:  07:26:54

I'm plotting a monthly Celtic/Old Time Fiddle Jam to be held in either Paducah or Cadiz.... Anyone interested? Opinions?

Give me a shout!


shellyrat - Posted - 01/28/2011:  08:15:24

count me in. let me know what you need
kathy c in ky

MikeyBoy - Posted - 01/28/2011:  08:18:56

Is that the Paducah of "Going to Paducah, have a look around, eating salty crackers, five cents a pound" fame?

layne - Posted - 01/28/2011:  08:22:07

Originally posted by MikeyBoy

Is that the Paducah of "Going to Paducah, have a look around, eating salty crackers, five cents a pound" fame?

Hmmm... Don't know! But I'd like to! To my knowledge the only other Paducah is in Texas and is named ofter ours in KY. Can you tell me any more about that song?

layne - Posted - 01/28/2011:  08:29:47

Originally posted by shellyrat

count me in. let me know what you need
kathy c in ky

Great Kathy! At this point I am thinking either Mother Duncan's pub on lower Broadway in Paducah.... Or that hot dog joint near the old music store in Cadiz. You can just start thinking about Celtic/OT leaning musicians you may know and ask them if they are interested....Also what day of the week folks would prefer. I would love for this not to turn into another huge, out of hand Bluegrass jam....We got plenty of them already.

MikeyBoy - Posted - 01/28/2011:  08:36:14

Lyrics are from Way Down the River Road by John Hartford. I'll allow I may have misheard them in my memory, but I'm almost positive he gives a shout out to Paducah (KY or TX, I can't say). Tried doing a quick and lazy search in the googles, but could not find any lyrics for that song. Put those exact lyrics in, and I got a listing for Doe's Eat Place and a delicious looking recipe from Paducah Power Systems.

DougD - Posted - 01/28/2011:  09:23:07

Here's John Hartford singing it:

I guess John's song must be partly based on this one from Uncle Dave Macon:

I've heard lyrics like that referring to Boston and Nashville too. I wouldn't have guessed that those lyrics go back at least to a recording by Billy Golden in 1899!

Sorry I don't live closer Layne - I'd be there.

Edited by - DougD on 01/28/2011 09:33:53

leroyleroux - Posted - 01/28/2011:  09:40:06

Sounds like you guys will have fun.

On the lyrics, I have heard something very similar from a Bob Wills song 'The Big Ball's in Cow Town.'

Workin' on the railroad, Sleepin' on the ground, Eatin' saltine crackers, Ten cents a pound.

I first hear that from Asleep at the Wheel, with George Strait singing.

toddwright - Posted - 01/28/2011:  15:30:54

Im up in the Owensboro area; but, I would like to try and make it down for the jam. May be some others I play with that would come down as well.

If your interested, we have a jam at the bluegrass music museum the first thursday night of each month. If anyone else is interested, let me know and I will get you more information and directions.


shellyrat - Posted - 01/28/2011:  16:13:17

Can put flyers in the local music stores too. The old time fiddlers contest is in mid march in clarksville tn. could put something out down there too. I know what you mean about it staying more old time celtic .
kathy c in ky

layne - Posted - 01/28/2011:  17:06:06

Regarding the lyrics... I bet he is referring to Paducah, KY because he was coming down the river from St. Louis and Paducah is close to the mouth of the Ohio.

We're gonna get together at my place this Sunday afternoon at 2:30.. Then we can make some plans for next month. If anyone would like to join us email me at and I'll shoot you a map and directions. I am going to strive to keep this Celtic/Old Time fiddle oriented....I love other instruments and musical styles, but I don't want it taken over by banjos, rain-sticks and didgeridoos.

forestabri - Posted - 01/29/2011:  07:47:40

My family goes waaaay back in Paducah ,but I've never been there myself. Would love to visit sometime. My great great grandfather built the Broadway Methodist Church and a whole lot of the rest of the city! Other side of the family were all steamboat pilots there. Maybe I'll visit there this summer. I'll come by if you are jamming then.

Edited by - forestabri on 01/29/2011 08:47:14

bj - Posted - 01/29/2011:  09:04:21

PM me if you want the rundown on how I got our Easton Oldtime Varmint Jam rolling . . .

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