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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Neo Tek II Carbon Bow Review.

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dogwalkin - Posted - 12/27/2010:  06:25:20

On Christmas eve. I went over to The Violin Shop here in Nashville. Got to hang out with Fred Carpenter for a little while. I went specifically looking for this braided carbon bow. Anyone in the market for one should check these out. We tried 5 different ones out and they were very consistent. I finally picked one out of the 5 but it was very difficult for Fred and I to find almost any difference in the tone they produced. It was very subtle differences. Anyway Fred is a great guy and thats a great shop to do business with.

RobBob - Posted - 12/27/2010:  08:31:10

What do they run price wise? One of my students got a new Coda GX bow and it is very nices. Compares well with my 15 + year old Coda.

dogwalkin - Posted - 12/27/2010:  09:09:12

$150 they are listed on his website.

emilysweet - Posted - 01/04/2011:  09:07:51

My husband's bow, The Fiddler's Bow, was made with feedback from hundreds of fiddlers all over the world. He made a prototype with help from bow makers in the US, Germany and Brazil then went looking for a company to make a carbon fiber version of it. He couldn't find anyone in the US that was willing to make a plate for less than $25,000; so he and I looked around in Beijing, Shanghai and eventually found a company in Tianjin that specializes in bows. They make the bows now using our premium select bow hair. Having said all that, I want to get one of these bows and show it to my husband. He is always looking for suggestions on how to upgrade his bow.

emilysweet - Posted - 01/04/2011:  09:15:45

Interesting. Just did a simple google search on Neo Tek and only found it on Fred Carpenter's site. There is another bow listed there called the JonPaul bow. DId you get to try them? I looked for their website too, but only found a google cached copy of an old website:

giannaviolins - Posted - 01/04/2011:  13:27:18

Problem with bows as in many violin type things is that many objects show up under different brands, and some brands show up on different objects. Makes evaluation difficult, even for buyers from shops. Have to attempt to keep everything straight!

dogwalkin - Posted - 01/04/2011:  19:06:25

I have one of the cheaper jonpaul bows. I did not try the more high end. I am sure this is a bow badged just for him but anyway it is a great bow at a great price.

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