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Saphine - Posted - 09/29/2010:  09:05:21

Does anyone have the tab for this tune please?

carlb - Posted - 09/29/2010:  10:03:14

Can't locate any transcriptions on the internet. Thought you might have to learn it by ear from the composer, Ernie Carpenter but his CD appears to be out of print.

andyboyman - Posted - 09/29/2010:  14:59:16

Erynn Marshall has a recording of it on her album Calico

bsed - Posted - 09/29/2010:  17:37:20

I can upload Ernie's playing of the tune off of his CD (as an mp3) if you're interested. Email me directly if interested, because I might not check back here.

carlb - Posted - 09/30/2010:  07:57:29

I did find a transcription
which I sent Saphine yesterday as well as an mp3 of Ernie playing it.

hendrid - Posted - 09/30/2010:  08:51:50

Thanks Carl. I surfed around the web a bunch when this tune has come up and did not find the dots. Good job. A tab cut. Listen to the youtubes and such for timing if possible and no promises and hope you can decode my sad cut at ABC and fiddle tabs....Maybe compare with ABC above the tabs and the sheet pdf to get an idea about what is going on. Don


ABd ||: e e3/2 fed BAG |Bd3/2 d2 GBd | e e3/2 fed BAG | G A3/2 A3/2 DEG |
A-A3/2 BAG EDE G G3/2 DEG A A3/2 | BAG EDE | (1) G G3/2 GA Bcd :||(2) G2 |

AA13 ||: E-E- 1EA3-A1AD3 | A1-3-3-- D3A13 | E-E-1EA3-1AD3 | 3-A-A-DD13 |
A-A-1AD3-D1DD1-3-3-DD13-A-A-| 1AD3-D1DD1 | (1)D3-3--3A-123 :||(2)D3 |

Edited by - hendrid on 09/30/2010 09:02:42

hendrid - Posted - 09/30/2010:  09:22:37

Another version plus mp3 and MIDI and bunch of other tunes. Don

Edited by - hendrid on 09/30/2010 09:25:08

Diane in Chicago - Posted - 09/30/2010:  11:23:45

When I learned this from Erynn Marshall, the key thing was dual Es and dual As on those longer notes. And the octave drone D and the octave drone G on those other longer notes.

That and the direction of the bowing, of course.

Saphine - Posted - 09/30/2010:  11:28:10

Thank you everyone, I'm very grateful.

carlb - Posted - 09/30/2010:  14:54:34

Originally posted by hendrid

The sheet music on this link is completely identical to the one I posted. I'm sorry but your abc did not translate very meaningfully at:
I tried to provide the correct headers. The midi was almost recognizable but the 3rd and 4th lines made no sense and the sheet music looked at bit strange.

hendrid - Posted - 09/30/2010:  17:26:13

Hi Carl, yes, did not try to write the ABC to convert. We already have the dots/sheet music. On the Bob vs Nashville, there is one note difference. Is one a typo. The second bar after ||: goes to the f note on Bob's and the g note on Nashville. Later on they are both g notes. Trivial and who knows or cares. nice tune anyway.

My ABC notes were to use in comparing with the tabbed notes. Timing is hard to note in a simple tab like this and I find it easier to try to play the tune using the ABC notes and using the sheet to work on timing nuances. For those who don't speak ABC at least maybe my so called tabs might help some. What do I know. Anyway, enjoy. Don

carlb - Posted - 10/05/2010:  08:29:19

Originally posted by hendrid

On the Bob vs Nashville, there is one note difference. Is one a typo. The second bar after ||: goes to the f note on Bob's and the g note on Nashville. Later on they are both g notes. Trivial and who knows or cares. nice tune anyway.

Well, if anyone cares, while I'm listening to Ernie Carpenter play it, it sounds like he goes to the F in that first 3/4 measure early on in the tune but then later seems to use G all the rest of the time. In the 2nd 3/4 measure he seems to always use G. Also there is a bit of a timing change in how he plays the first few notes in those measures; sometimes there's a tie to the 3/4 measure and sometimes there isn't. Go figure. Maybe he's just as inconsistent as the rest of us.

hendrid - Posted - 10/05/2010:  09:34:15

Kind of interesting Carl. Seems to be g in some of the half dozen of so youtube videos. Don't have Ernie's.

One by kitsilanogal, shows her playing a version slow and you can see her fingering and lots of g's. On full screen version, little out of focus but good one to see what she is doing.

Edited by - hendrid on 10/06/2010 16:33:07

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