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Newest Video: Golden Ticket (bowing pattern demonstration)

Posted In Fiddle Lessons by Robin 4/17/2015 8:40:20 AM last updated by Robin

[This video goes with Roger Netherton's blog post at  A more extended discussion of the technique appears there. On this video, he plays through the tune first at speed and then slowly.]

Blog excerpt:

I came up with an interesting phenomenon of my bowing that occurs in quite a few tunes. It's whenever I use the six-note smooth syncopation over and over without syncing back up with the 8-note phrasing. I call it extended smooth syncopation. (...) Another example of extended smooth syncopation is the A part of Golden Ticket (I heard this tune from Rhys Jones). This example is slightly more complicated because I use a pulse on the second note of the slurred up-bows.

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