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Posted In Fiddle Lessons by Robin 4/20/2015 4:53:28 PM last updated by Robin

[This video goes with Roger Netherton's blog post at A more extended discussion of bowing technique appears there.]

Blog excerpt:

For a while, I've wrestled with explaining the bowing that I use when I play the fiddle. I use many variations, and it's all fairly automatic and unconscious. I tried to slow it down and look at it today, though. A common rhythmic phrase in fiddle tunes is eight quick notes. I found that the variations in bowing that I use generally encompass the first six notes, and then the bowing for the last two notes is just finagled so that I start the next phrase on a down bow.

So I'm going to illustrate a few different bowing patterns, and I'll include the last two notes in parentheses if they aren't part of the pattern. I'll repeat the pattern once, so you'll see sixteen notes.


I made a couple recordings to illustrate some of these patterns. Here's me playing June Apple. I use pattern 5, the Georgia shuffle, throughout the entire A part.

5. Off-beat accent (Georgia shuffle): U-U D U-U-U D U- | U-U D U-U-U (D U)

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